The festival activities

On September 16th and 17th, the town of Hettange-Grande will find itself in Middle-earth among Elves, Hobbits, Dwarves, and Orcs. To recover from these emotions, we will also have a raffle with books as prizes, as well as the presentation of various literary awards, not to mention the Cosplay. A round table dedicated to Tolkien, and hosted by the greatest specialists of the author, will allow for (re)discovery of the author of The Lord of the Rings, not to mention the exhibition that will be devoted to his works. Finally, for the most adventurous, a treasure hunt throughout the festival may lead them to discover ancient treasures…

The March of the Strange

Cosplay : la mandorienne Twi'lek échange avec une autre mandalorien par holocommunication
Cosplay : Une mandalorienne Twi'lek est assise le regard au loin...
Knights Jedi, Hogwarts magicians, samurais straight out of a manga, or even zombies, cosplayers from France, Belgium, and Luxembourg will invade Hettange-Grande and participate in a contest, the “Marche de l’Étrange,” which will celebrate all kinds of imagination. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, and crime fiction… We want to bring together these popular genres for one weekend! The best cosplay will be awarded a prize. For more information and/or to register for the contest, click on the button below.


Christelle Marlot - sculptor and beyond

Sculptrice de l'étrange : Un crâne extraterrestre sculpté avec un tentacule sortant d'une des orbites.

The imprints in the soil are the reflection of our fossilized thoughts. From delicate and moist material to its soft and solid transformation, the artist loves to touch the clay with her hands. Some dreams disappear upon contact. She travels beneath the seas and beyond the sky, becoming an explorer of a strange universe.

T: “Her reveries had drawn me in. She was there, with her back turned, hands covered in dirt, shaping an object with ineffable forms. I approached her, and she turned her head and jumped. A shiver ran down her neck. In her gaze, I understood that she had seen me. Her sculptures were thus the extension of her soul…”

Each piece is unique and sealed with the artist’s seal.



As part of this first edition, the manga universe will be particularly honored as we will have the privilege of welcoming artist Meo. Specializing in digital art, this young character designer is inspired by Japanese pop culture, mythology, and beautiful landscapes. Not only will she exhibit her works, but she will also have the pleasure of leading a manga workshop for young and old alike! You can purchase some of her creations at her booth. We will also welcome another artist from Metz, ONI Yabuki (“the daughter of the Sun,” “Dieschatten”), as well as Yüka, the talented co-illustrator of the Etrange-Grande festival poster with Mathilde Vergereau.


Ateliers d'écriture : bibliothèque de livres

Last year, the writing workshops evolved into a master class, led by professional authors Jean-Claude Dunyach and Lionel Davoust. Taking place over a day and a half of training (September 14th and 15th), this master class addresses the transition from the desire to write to the profession of writer. Participants will have the opportunity to discover and explore key methods and techniques for assessing and improving their own manuscript. This exceptional event offers a unique opportunity to learn from two writing experts and focus on the essential points to become an accomplished writer.

Ateliers d'écriture : machine à écrire et tasse de café

The Jedi Duels

Want to measure yourself against a Sith? The Jedi Knights will be there to teach you how to wield the noble weapon of a civilized age safely. Important note: the festival organizing committee declines any responsibility in case of amputation with a lightsaber.

Logo académie de la force

Introduction to role-playing games and the board game "Nouvelles Contrées"

Jeu : nouvelles contrées

If you dream of facing off against a Sith, don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the Jedi knights during the festival. These experts in lightsaber combat will teach you how to handle the noble weapon of a civilized era safely, guiding you step by step through the essential techniques and movements. Be careful, as the lightsaber is a powerful weapon that requires precise control and absolute concentration. It is important to note that the festival’s organizing committee declines all responsibility in the event of amputation or injury caused by the use of a lightsaber. So get ready to have an unforgettable experience and immerse yourself in the universe of the Force during this thrilling workshop.

Jeu : boussole et livrets


Retrogaming : Castlevania
Retrogaming : Baldur's Gate II

Relive the 80s and 90s and dive into the world of retro gaming at the Etrange-Grande festival! Rediscover the video games that marked their time, such as Pac-Man, Street Fighter 2, and Super Mario. These timeless classics will take you back to a delightful nostalgia. This is the perfect opportunity for adult geeks to share their passion with younger generations and introduce them to digital archaeology. Come and vibrate to the rhythm of pixels and 8-bit music, and discover or rediscover why these games have crossed generations. Don’t miss this unique experience to relive your memories and introduce the foundations of video games to new generations.

The Treasure Hunt

Chasse au trésor : le bateau pirate
Chasse au trésor : deux personnes contentes d'avoir trouvé le trésor

A wild rumor has spread throughout Etrange-Grande: the famous science fiction author Philip K. Dick is still alive. He has even bequeathed a treasure, a text written in his own hand. Festival visitors will have the entire weekend to unravel this mystery, but be careful not to let a clue slip by…