Who are the authors present this year?

Estelle Faye

Godmother of Etrange-Grande 2023

Estelle Faye is a French writer born in 1978, mainly recognized for her fantasy and science-fiction novels. Her work often blends historical elements with fantastical narratives, offering a unique touch to her stories.

She began her literary career in 2012 with the publication of her first novel, “Les Seigneurs de Bohen”. This historical fantasy novel, set in a universe inspired by medieval Europe, was well received by critics.

In 2014, she published “Porcelaine”, a novel blending fantasy and Chinese folklore. The book was praised for its originality and enchanting atmosphere.

Estelle Faye became better known with her series “La Voie des Oracles”, which began in 2015. Composed of three volumes – “Thya” (2015), “Elya” (2016), and “Anya” (2017) – this post-apocalyptic fantasy trilogy is particularly appreciated for its narrative richness and captivating universe.

In 2019, she published “Les Nuées d’orage”, the first volume of the series “L’Écume des jours”, which takes place in a science-fiction universe. The second volume, “Les Océans Stellaires”, was released in 2021. This series has also been well received by readers and critics.

In addition to her novels, Estelle Faye also writes short stories and participates in anthologies. She has won several literary awards for her work, including the Elbakin.net Award for Best French Fantasy Novel in 2015 for “Thya” and the Imaginales 2020 Award for “Les Océans Stellaires”.

Estelle Faye continues to publish novels and short stories while participating in literary events, meetings with her readers, and writing workshops.

Photographie : © 2022, Laure Linet

Jean-Laurent Del Socorro

Godfather of Etrange-Grande 2023

Jean-Laurent Del Socorro is a French author specializing in speculative fiction genres, particularly historical fantasy. He began his career by publishing the digital short story “La Mère des mondes” in 2012 with Le Bélial’ publishing house.

His first novel, “Royaume de vent et de colères” (2015), takes place in Marseille during the religious wars and won the Elbakin.net Award for Best French Fantasy Novel in 2015. In 2017, he published “Boudicca”, another historical fantasy novel based on the life of the Celtic queen Boadicea, who resisted the Roman Empire in the first century. This book received the Imaginales Librarians’ Prize in 2018.

His third novel, “Je suis fille de rage” (2019), won the Babelio Prize in the Imaginary category in 2020. In the same year, he co-wrote with Nadia Coste the series “Les Chevaliers de la raclette”.

David Bry

David Bry is a French author of fantasy and supernatural fiction. Born in 1973, he began his writing career in the early 2010s. He is particularly known for the series “Le Chant des Epines” (The Song of Thorns) as well as for the novel “Tant que dure ta colère” (As Long As Your Anger Lasts).

The “Le Chant des Epines” trilogy consists of the volumes “La Fille de L’Eau et des Songes” (The Girl of Water and Dreams) (2016), “La Nuit des Cœurs pourpres” (The Night of Purple Hearts) (2017), and “La Lueur des Ombres” (The Glow of Shadows) (2018). The story takes place in a fantasy universe inspired by the Italian Renaissance and follows the quest of a young woman to free her people from oppression.

“Tant que dure ta colère” (2020) is a supernatural novel that blends suspense, investigation, and family history. The story follows a young woman whose life is turned upside down after discovering a diary and a dark family secret.

David Bry has also written other novels and short stories, including “Que passe l’hiver” (Let Winter Pass) (2018), a fantasy tale set in a Nordic-inspired universe inspired by Scandinavian legends.

Morgane Caussarieu

Morgane Caussarieu is a French author specializing in speculative fiction genres, mainly fantasy and horror. She is best known for her novels featuring vampires and addressing themes such as violence, sexuality, and human relationships.

Her first novel, “Dans les veines” (In the Veins) (2013), is a dark and violent story about vampires that takes place in Paris. This book marks the beginning of her literary career and allows her to become known to the French public.

Subsequently, she published other novels such as “Rouge Toxic” (Toxic Red) (2017), which blends science fiction and horror, and “Je suis ton ombre” (I am Your Shadow) (2014), a vampire story set in Paris in the 1920s.

Morgane Caussarieu has also written short stories and participated in anthologies, particularly on themes related to horror and supernatural creatures.


Camille Leboulanger

Camille Leboulanger is a French author of science fiction and fantasy. He has published several novels and short stories, exploring various universes and offering captivating narratives.

His first novel, “Un long voyage” (A Long Journey) (2016), is a science fiction story that follows a group of characters through a futuristic world devastated by ecological disasters. This book is praised for its poetic writing and creative vision of the future.

In 2018, Camille Leboulanger published “Ynex”, an urban fantasy novel in which a young man is drawn into a quest to save the world from supernatural creatures that threaten to destroy it.

He has also written short stories that have been published in various anthologies and literary journals, addressing themes such as identity quest, survival, and human relationships.

Floriane Soulas

Floriane Soulas is a French author who mainly writes science fiction and fantasy. She is best known for her novel “Rouille” (Rust), which earned her recognition in the world of speculative literature.

“Rouille” (2018) is a science fiction novel set in an alternate and dystopian Paris, blending steampunk and crime fiction. The story follows a young cyborg prostitute and a private detective struggling with conspiracies and mysteries in a highly hierarchical and corrupt society. The book was praised for its captivating plot, dark atmosphere, and original universe.

Floriane Soulas has also written short stories in various anthologies and literary journals.

Jean-Claude Dunyach

Jean-Claude Dunyach is a French science fiction author. Born in 1957, he is also an aerospace engineer and works for Airbus. Since the 1980s, he has published numerous novels and short stories, exploring various themes such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and interstellar travel.

Among his most well-known novels are “Le Temps n’est rien” (Time is Nothing) (2006), “Le Chant du cosmos” (The Song of the Cosmos) (1999), and “Déchiffrer la trame” (Deciphering the Pattern) (2010). He has also published several collections of short stories, including “Étoiles mourantes” (Dying Stars) (1999, in collaboration with Ayerdhal), “L’Instinct du langage” (The Instinct of Language) (1995), and “D’autres vies que la mienne” (Other Lives Than Mine) (2007).

Jean-Claude Dunyach has been recognized multiple times for his literary work. He has notably won the Rosny aîné award, one of the most prestigious science fiction awards in France, several times for his short stories.

Lionel Davoust

Lionel Davoust is a French fantasy writer. Born in 1978, he worked as a translator, editor, and journalist before devoting himself to writing. He has published several novels and short stories, addressing various themes such as ancient mythologies, magic, and human relationships.

His first novel, “La Volonté du Dragon” (The Will of the Dragon) (2010), is a historical fantasy inspired by Chinese mythology. He is also the author of the “Léviathan” fantasy trilogy, composed of “La Chute” (The Fall) (2012), “La Nuit” (The Night) (2013), and “Le Pouvoir” (The Power) (2014). This series blends political intrigue, magic, and identity quest in a complex and captivating universe.

Among his other novels are “Évanégyre: La Route de la Conquête” (Évanégyre: The Road to Conquest) (2015), “Port d’Âmes” (Soul’s Harbor) (2016), and “La Messagère du Ciel” (The Sky Messenger) (2017), which is part of the “Les Dieux Sauvages” series.

Lionel Davoust has also written short stories and participated in science fiction and fantasy anthologies. His writing is often praised for its narrative richness, imagination, and ability to create fascinating worlds.