This festival was born out of the observation that there are not just one, but many popular literatures. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime fiction, romance… These literatures were once referred to as ‘bad genres‘. Ironically, what was once criticized has now gained recognition, to the point of having a radio show on France Culture.

More alive than ever, these literatures are thriving and are even being adapted into films. It was only natural for us to organize a cosplay contest. Zombies, Jedi knights, witches, superheroes, or samurais… There will be something for everyone! Read more…


Hettange-Grande, a small town in Lorraine where it is easy to find strange fossils, as well as other equally improbable creatures: writers. One of these authors has created a writing workshop that has produced a collection of short stories entitled Étrange-Grande. This is one of the only (if not the only?) writing workshops in France that has led to a festival, whose ambition is to offer each year a published collection of short stories in which the young authors of tomorrow, as well as some of today’s great French-language writers, will be featured side by side. The entire collection will be published by a publishing house and paid for within a genuine publishing ecosystem. Read more…


The Étrange-Grande Festival will take place on September 16th and 17th, 2023 in Hettange-Grande, Lorraine (57), in the spacious Omnisports hall, just a short 10-minute walk from the train station. Come enjoy free admission and parking for up to 100 vehicles. For lodging, choose from several hotels located near the Thionville train station, just a few minutes away by train. On-site, you can refresh yourself and dine with drinks and snacks. To ensure your safety and well-being, the local firefighters will be present throughout the event. Read more…


For this 2nd edition, we are bringing together the cream of the crop of genre literature, with renowned authors. Last year, we welcomed French and foreign artists such as Stefan Platteau, Aurélie Wellenstein, Fabien Cerutti, Jean-Laurent Del Socorro, Dominique Lémuri, and Alex Mauri. There were also illustrators, publishers, radioactive zombies (the Cattenom nuclear power plant is nearby), a sculptor of the strange, schnaps-loving aliens, and Jedi knights from a temporal vortex. This year, we are continuing on this path. Keep a close eye on the guest page, which will be regularly updated. Read more…


Our partners help us, they are kind, thank you to our partners! More seriously, thank you to all of our partners and everyone without whom this festival would not be possible. We are all very grateful to you!


The March of the Strange

The Festival of fantastic literature, science fiction, horror, and fantasy would not be complete without the presence of passionate fans dressed in costumes of their favorite heroes. To add even more excitement to the event, the organizers invite all participants to dress up for the cosplay parade. Join this unique and immersive celebration by creating your own costume for the festival!

Academy of the Force

Watching epic battles between the best Jedi Knights and the dark Sith Lords has always been a fantasy for many “Star Wars” fans. At this long-awaited event, spectators will be fascinated by the legendary weapons and hypnotic colors of the lightsabers as these mystical warriors fight for victory in a breathtaking battle, creating an immersive and electrifying atmosphere.

The sculptress of the Strange

Christelle Marlot, through her meticulously handcrafted sculptures, transports us to fantastic worlds populated by fairy beings, dragon eggs, a terrifying Medusa, a Viking cup in a skull, and other creations that evoke the universe of Lovecraft. Her unique pieces are carefully fired and glazed to create fascinating and immersive works of art.